Modern Football is Still Rubbish
TITLE: Modern Football is Still Rubbish
AUTHOR: Nick Davidson, Shaun Hunt
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Mar 14 2010
ISBN: 9781899807901
PRICE: £6.99

Nick Davidson and Shaun Hunt were hoping that their first book Modern Football is Rubbish would put right all the ills of the present day game. But, amazingly the administrators at club and national level took no notice and the putrification of the beautiful game continued. So they are hoping that Modern Football is Still Rubbish will do what the first one coudn't.

Taking their cue from TV’s Grumpy Old Men, the authors pour forth on an A-Z of topics with well-observed humour rather than relentless negativity. Modern football is given credit where due, and there is praise for the Jeff Stelling/Ray Stubbs Saturdays head-to-head, which evokes memories of classic Dickie Davies vs Des Lynam battles. Again it hits the right tone: nostalgic, without being sentimental; and scathing without being bitter. The only problem is the first book is a hard act to follow. Davidson and Hunt neatly sidestep this by tackling a few more obscure subjects, such as end-of-season videos, grassburns on the knees. balloon football (played indoors at Christmas), as well as some new bugbears, including thee vuvuzela and the Europa League. This book is just as thought-provoking as the original, but if anything, even more poignant in the light of football's impending financial meltdown. It may not quite reach the heights of the first book, simply because the first one hit most of the targets already, but this excellent sequel captures the mood of the times brilliantly.

Jon Crampin, FourFourTwo magazine

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