Chapped Legs and Punctured Balls
TITLE: Chapped Legs and Punctured Balls
AUTHOR: Paul Cooper
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Nov 2 2009
ISBN: 9781899807871
PRICE: £5.99

Paul Cooper lived for football like most other 1960s kids and this is his account of the things that went with the game in those more innocent times – the clothes and shoes kids wore, the balls they played with from the very rare leather case ball with its occasionally crippling lace to the stone that was used in the playground if nothing else was available.
He remembers trying to get a team together from where he lived in north Devon to play in Europe. And he wonders why his father put him and brother Trevor, the well-known actor – Doctor Who, Midsomer Murders etc. – into matching jumpers whenever they went to visit people richer than them.
Paul set up the growing kids football movement "Give us back our game".

As a short book, it is easy to pick up and read in one sitting, and the only downside is that you will pine for your youth again. Instead of typing this review on my computer, and yourselves reading it, we could be out playing football, inspired by Cooper and his Chapped Legs! It’s a fine effort, and it will provide a fast escape from reality for a couple of hours.

Rowan Farnham-Long

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