Twickenham - the History
TITLE: Twickenham - the History
AUTHOR: Ed Harris
FORMAT: hardback
PUBLISHED: Sep 1 2005
ISBN: 9781899807291
PRICE: £17.99

A home and headquarters for the England game and the Rugby Football Union was conceived in 1905 when England had not once won the international championship and in five seasons had been beaten by every one of the home countries. The following year, Billy Williams happened upon a cabbage patch and a century later, with 22 consecutive Tests unbeaten in a home ground, the England team have become Rugby World Champions and 'Fortress Twickenham' part of the everyday vocabulary.
Author Ed Harris, who worked formerly for the BBC, can see the stands from his bedroom window and it gave him the idea to write a book on the history of the world's most famous rugby ground.
He was allowed to trawl through the Rugby Football Union's archives, uncovering much about the ground that was previously unknown.

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