The Rebel
TITLE: The Rebel
AUTHOR: Nigel McDermid
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Dec 1 2004
ISBN: 9781899807253
PRICE: £7.99

The tale of boxing hero Derek Roche is a journey from a New Ross council estate to three shots at world titles and a British crown.
There is the sweetness of success and bitter disappointment of defeat in this archetypal boxing book. But it is also blessed with a generous sense of humour, ‘The Rebel’ Roche provides an often rib-tickling insight into the world of the paid fighter.
There are rib-bruising shocks along the way, though – many of them outside the boxing ring; working the doors in Bournemouth and Leeds is no job for softies.
Now hanging up his gloves for good, Derek – the first Irishman to win a coveted Lonsdale belt outright – looks back. He talks of the joys and pains of what is widely regarded as being the hardest sport of all, and reflects on other matters; from shopping to shootings, from a police award to nights in the cells.
We also learn who Kid Bollock was.

The Guardian

Refreshingly honest and, at times, genuinely funny story

John Rawling

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