Stan Greenberg's Olympic Almanack 2012
TITLE: Stan Greenberg's Olympic Almanack 2012
AUTHOR: Stan Greenberg
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Apr 26 2012
ISBN: 9781907524226
PRICE: £12.99

Launched in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Almanack rapidly established itself as the leading Olympic statistical book.
It contains an extensive and entertaining collection of facts and figures from Athens 1896 to Beijing 2008, plus the ancient Games at Olympia and the Winter Olympics.
There is coverage of every summer and winter Games with detailed descriptions of venues, sports, competitors and records.
There are medal tables by sport and by year which makes it the most comprehensive record of Olympic reference.

Sensible folk

We can prepare to be inundated with tons of Olympic tat and rubbish before London's Games open on 27 July. Sensible folk will, however, have bought a copy of Stan Greenberg's Olympic Almanack well beforehand because they'll need little else to enjoy this year's event.

Northampton Chronicle

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