Tales from the Gwladys Street
TITLE: Tales from the Gwladys Street
AUTHOR: David Cregeen, Jonathan Mumford
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Sep 8 2009
ISBN: 9781899807895
PRICE: £12.99

Fans have been having a rough time of it in recent years. Clubs have hiked their admission prices while TV demands have resulted in odd kick-off times which often mean long and difficult journeys. But still they flock to football matches. ?Tales from the Gwladys Street tells the story of one club, Everton, through the mouths of their fans and players. Gwladys Street is the legendary 'end' behind the goal at Goodison Park that contains the biggest concentration of the club's supporters.?The resulting stories show how obsessive football fans can be and how they seek humour in every situation. The stories are from Evertonians but the type of experiences recalled are not unique to one club.?You don’t have to know what Nil Satis Nisi Optimum* means or get goose-bumps when you hear the Z Cars theme to enjoy it. Books on Everton usually concentrate on the club and the players, this Everton book spotlights the fans. ?* nothing but the best is good enough (Everton’s motto)

Liverpool Echo

... just one of numerous highly entertaining and evocative tales chronicled in the brand new ‘Tales From The Gwladys Street’ by David Cregeen and Jonathan Mumford.

Dave Prentice

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