Passport to Football
TITLE: Passport to Football
AUTHOR: Stuart Fuller
FORMAT: paperback
PUBLISHED: Oct 10 2009
ISBN: 9781899807833
PRICE: £12.99

Well-known blogger Stuart Fuller is a member of a growing band of thousands of football fans who, growing tired of watching an over-hyped and over-priced Premier League, and taking advantage of cut-price travel, enjoys watching his favourite game in different countries. This is not simply a reference guide, more a travelogue - a book that traces the journeys Fuller takes for football, whether with England, where he has been a far from successful manager of the England Fans senior team, or on a whim. He has watched matches in places as diverse as Moscow, Macedonia, Tallinn, Palermo, Zagreb, Florida, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Andorra, Zurich, Copenhagen, Vienna, Stockholm, Monaco, Salzburg, Istanbul, Bremen, Paris, Krakow, Minsk, Sofia, Naples, Skopje and Barcelona. Anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps will be able to use the book as a guide but will also enjoy Fuller's account of dealing with Easyjet and Ryanair, sorting out the purchase of tickets in foreign lands and 'collecting' football stadiums. You will meet Fuller's list of fellow travellers, including Football Jo, Dagenham Dan, Big Ben and Rob the Red. The result is a hugely entertaining travelogue in which Fuller reckons he drank two hundred pints of beer, ate thirty-seven sausages and had nine travelling companions. On a serious note he also tells fellow fans about the stadiums he visited, how to get there and how to buy a ticket.

Sports Journalists' Association

His book is the perfect antidote to the bland and banal autobiographical offerings of the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney.

David Harrison

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