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Poor old Plymouth

Mar 5 2011

Public stupidity and personal cupidity from Plymouth featured in the news pages and what we sports reporters are told is the Toy Town end of the paper. [ ... ]

John, please leave my sport alone!

Jul 31 2010

I hadn’t got John Inverdale down as a satirist. He seems the sort of bloke you’d like to have a drink with; the sort who knows his sport and doesn’t mind telling you; the sort who impresses you with his knowledge until, that is, he strays into an area you know quite a bit about.There’s a lot [ ... ]

What's all the fuss about Spain?

Jul 12 2010

I wasn’t going to blog about the World Cup: England’s dire displays have been ruminated over at length and everyone seems to think Spain deserved to win. Which they did. But here goes. It seems I am in a minority of one in not being entirely smitten by Spain’s style of football (which al [ ... ]

The LBF and the IPL

Apr 22 2010

Just returned from the London Book Fair which was a very strange experience. The volcanic ash cloud from Iceland kept most foreign exhibitors away and meant that most people suffered like I did from appointments being cancelled. Lack of foreigners is not entirely a bad thing, of course. People from [ ... ]

Well done AP!

Apr 12 2010

I didn’t back Don’t Push It in the National on Saturday but I could not have been more thrilled when the horse won the race and relegated my choices to third and fourth. The reason is obvious. At last AP McCoy had won the race... at his 15th attempt. It was just like watching Frankie Dettori win [ ... ]