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Have you seen anyone reading an e-book?

Feb 4 2010

I am not a Luddite, far from it. I have a Blackberry (whatever did I do before?), a shiny new iPod (although after loading my entire CD collection I still have 145GB of memory left), a MacBook pro, two other big Macs, various back up devices, a digital camera, a Humax FreeSat box – the sort of mod [ ... ]

Sorry I haven't blogged lately

Feb 4 2010

Forgive me Father for it is a long time since my last blog. In fact this is the first since November so if there are any readers left, my apologies. My only excuse is that we have been very, very busy at SportsBooks with German Aczel's book of World Cup caricatures – World Cup 1930–2010. W [ ... ]