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Imagine a book weighing half a stone!

Oct 23 2008

Back from the Frankfurt Bookfair and as usual wondering whether or not it has been a success. Only time will tell. But all that networking takes its toll and it usually takes me two or three days to recover. This year I had one day when I didn't have even one glass of networking and I do feel a lot [ ... ]

Off to Frankfurt, and – oh joy – no Robert Peston for a week

Oct 13 2008

Off to the Frankfurt Bookfair this week. This event used to intimidate the hell out of me but now that we have a stand (and thus paradoxically somewhere to sit!) I'm quite at home. It's like standing on the corner of Times Square in New York. They say if you loiter there long enough and [ ... ]

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!

Oct 8 2008

I had a great weekend in Sunderland at three events connected with the launch of 'Charlie Hurley: the greatest centre half the world has ever seen'. It was like following royalty. I knew Charlie was well thought of in the area; after all they voted him their player of the last century. [ ... ]