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Chambers should challenge the BOA in court

Feb 19 2008

Am I alone in hoping Dwain Chambers uses the High Court to challenge the British Olympic Association?s ban on competitors who have served suspensions for drug offences? While not condoning the taking of drugs, or the avoidance of tests, in any way it has always seemed to me unfair that only th [ ... ]

Sorry for Chambers? I can't believe it

Feb 17 2008

I never thought I’d feel sympathy for a drugs cheat. But the way UK Athletics has behaved over Dwain Chambers has made me feel almost sorry for him. The facts are Chambers admitted taking banned substances and served a two-year ban from 2004. He then tried a comeback, was not as successful a [ ... ]

Damned United?

Feb 7 2008

Someone on television said the other day that you can remember where you were when you heard President Kennedy was assassinated and when you heard about the Manchester United Munich disaster. Although I have tried to wrack my brains I can’t for the life of me remember where I was when Kenned [ ... ]

Why does the money go to the same people year after year?

Feb 1 2008

Strange to see my name in print again. When I was a sports reporter it used to be in all the time but now it’s only when I summon up the energy to write to the publishing trade press. Which is what I did after reading an article in Publishing News by the editor Liz Thompson about the reaction of c [ ... ]