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The death of Andy Norman

Sep 26 2007

The death of Andy Norman on Monday stirred up emotions that I assumed where never likely to surface again. As well as the scandal of Sunday Times journalist Cliff Temple’s suicide I was once more amazed by how people can react to such a tragedy. At the time, 14 years ago, some newspapers, pr [ ... ]

Thank you and keep your fingers crossed

Sep 26 2007

It’s always gratifying when a newspaper devotes a lot of space to one of your books, which is why the Sunday Express and the Liverpool Post are our favourite newspapers at SportsBooks – for the moment at least. Aintree’s Queen Bee which was published last week got a whole page in the Sun [ ... ]

England midfield men

Sep 13 2007

I never thought I would ever see two successive performances from the England football team like the 3-0 victories over Israel and Russia. The first was damned by faint praise – only Israel, wait until Russia. But Russia were brushed aside as well. They offered more than Israel but if Ferdinand an [ ... ]