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I've switched to Eurosport

Aug 28 2007

I’ve given up on the BBC and its coverage of the World Championships in Osaka. From now on its Eurosport for me. I switched today because on Eurosport they were showing the men’s discus and the women’s pole vault in real time. On BBC2 they had Sue Barker from the London studio interviewi [ ... ]

Better late than never

Aug 26 2007

It always amazes me when I hear or read people in the entertainment industry saying they don’t read reviews. I search for every last one. And I was so long in the newspaper business that I would defend to the death (well, not the death, but you know what I mean) the right of a critic to say what h [ ... ]

Oh dear, I find myself writing about TV commentators again

Aug 25 2007

What a disappointing first day’s coverage of the World Athletics Championships from Osaka in Japan. The camera work was awful, and the only excuse can be that Japan doesn’t often feature world class athletics – just one major meeting a year – and that the last time the world championships we [ ... ]

Plain speaking

Aug 12 2007

In my day Olympic officials talked in code. You had to read between the lines and journalists like John Rodda, then of the Guardian, were experts at decyphering it. But, no need to examine the runes these days. Not if you read what Simon Clegg had to tell the BBC. A European Parliament v [ ... ]

Welcome to the Third World

Aug 3 2007

I’m sorry this blog had not been functioning properly recently. We had to move to Solihull for a week because there was no water coming out of the taps in Cheltenham and I didn’t know how to get into the blog from my laptop. However, that will not stop me offering myself and accepting a bo [ ... ]