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Well done the BBC

Jun 30 2007

I've never been able to properly appreciate tennis. When I was a sports reporter I had to cover it. I once reported on Rod Laver on an outside court at Bristol by standing on a roller and I once had to ask Sue Barker at the Northern Championships in Manchester if she'd come north to see Manchester U [ ... ]

Does the BBC serve athletics as it should?

Jun 23 2007

There is no denying that athletics – track and field to any American reading this – is in a bit of a slump in Britain at the moment. Not even we at SportsBooks, which publishes the ATFS annual and therefore has a large stake in the health of the sport, would deny that. There is a myriad of [ ... ]

2012 Olympic logo

Jun 13 2007

I was going to attack the new 2012 London Olympics logo, believing, as someone said that it looked like Lisa Simpson had replaced Monica Lewinsky in President Clinton’s affections, but it’s growing on me. When I first saw it I thought “good Lord that spells ‘shit’” but then I reali [ ... ]