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Praise at last!

May 30 2007

In an attempt to avoid this blog becoming just a rant I have to dish out some praise. While England’s thumping victory over the West Indies has to be taken in the context that the tourists are so undercooked as to be as raw as can be, Matt Prior deserves high praise. I’d long been of the o [ ... ]

The importance of bibliographies

May 22 2007

If you live in the first part of the 21st century and you write a book about a sport up until 1914 then the chances are you have found out about it only from books. Which is what John Major must have done when writing “More than a Game”. Yet there is no bibliography in the former Prime Min [ ... ]

Harry Potter and the poor booksellers

May 14 2007

It’s a weird trade in which we publishers work. Soon a sure-fire best seller will be published but it will be discounted to an inch of it’s price and no bookshop will make any money. Does that make sense? Of course not but that’s what will happen when the seventh and last Harry Potter book is [ ... ]