Richard Escot

Richard Escot is the senior rugby correspondent for the sports newspaper, magazine, TV channel and website L’Équipe. He has written numerous books related to the game, including biographies of Philippe St-André, Abdel Benazzi and Philippe Sella, and is the co-author of two detective novels. He lives with his family close by Paris.

Translator Robert Pralle was educated at University College London. For the last seven years he has lived in rural France, where he divides his time between translation and furniture making.

Rugby & Art

Jean-Pierre Rives epitomised the French rugby tradition of flair coupled with guts and glory. He captained the team a record 34 times, gaining 59 caps in all, the first against England in 1975. He led France to the Grand Slam in 1981 and was inducted into the International Rugby Hall…