David Gardner

David Gardner worked for 10 years for the Daily Mail as a crime writer and a senior foreign correspondent. He filed dispatches from war-torn Beirut, covered the Gulf War, reporting from Baghdad, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and travelled around the world on assignments for the award-winning newspaper. Leaving London in 1993, he launched a successful news and features agency in New York with clients in Britain, Europe, Australia and the US. For the last four years, he has lived in California, working as a freelance writer for primarily British publications. His first book, a biography of the actor Tom Hanks, was published in January, 2000.

The Last of the Hitlers

At the end of World War ll, the man Adolf Hitler called “my loathsome nephew” changed his name and disappeared. Despite efforts by historians and academics anxious to peer into the psyche of the most infamous dictator of the 20th century, the British-born William Patrick Hitler, by then settled in…