German Aczel

German Aczel is an Argentinian artist who now lives in Munich in Germany. After winning prizes in his native Buenos Aires, he began working for Argentina’s most important newspaper,
La Nacion, moving on to the country’s biggest sports magazine, El Grafico. He was 20 when he had his first exhibition and he has represented Argentina in many overseas exhibitions.
After working in Brazil for Jornal do Brasil, he moved to Europe at twenty-six, meeting his wife Johanna when dancing the Tango in Munich. He now works for Bravo Sport magazine.

The World Cup 1930-2010

This is a very different look at the World Cup. It is a book of drawings by 35-year-old Argentinian German Aczel, who now lives in Munich. Aczel, as he signs himself, has taken many of the iconic photographs from World Cup history and turned them into caricatures, giving each an…