Shaun Hunt

Shaun Hunt works as a manager for a world famous fast food chain. Shaun studied History at Warwick University between 1990–93. Nick and Shaun played in the same football team at university, it took them several months to realise they were actually on the same degree course.
Born and raised in Cornwall, supporting Liverpool was the obvious choice. He is now the assistant manager of Cadbury Athletic under-10s. He plays football for the Spleen Team every Wednesday alongside Nick.

Modern Football is Still Rubbish

Nick Davidson and Shaun Hunt were hoping that their first book Modern Football is Rubbish would put right all the ills of the present day game. But, amazingly the administrators at club and national level took no notice and the putrification of the beautiful game continued. So they are hoping…

Modern Football is Rubbish

Nick Davidson and Shaun Hunt are going through a midlife crisis as far as football is concerned. Now they’ve reached early middle-age they are wondering what has happened to the beautiful game. Where have all the muddy pitches gone?. They wallow in nostalgia for 3pm Saturday kick-offs and cup upsets…