Rajinder Amarnath

Rajender Amarnath is the youngest son of Lala Amarnath. He graduated in History Honours from St Stephen’s College, Delhi University in 1977. He played first class cricket in India, and as a professional in English league cricket. Rajender is currently a freelance journalist. He is also involved in coaching young cricketers. This is his first book.
His brothers, Mohinder and Surinder, followed their father in playing Test cricket for India.

Lala Amarnath Life and Times

Lala Amarnath was the first Indian to score a century when in his first Test match, against England, with the score at 21 for 2, he chose to counter-attack rather than stonewall. He reached his 100 in just 117 minutes, but never made a Test century again.?A strong-willed and plain-spoken…