Keith Booth

A Yorkshireman by birth, Keith Booth has completed twelve seasons as scorer to Surrey County Cricket Club. During that time he has developed an interest in the Club’s early history and George Lohmann follows Edward Pooley and Charles Alcock into his canon of nineteenth century biography.
Formerly in university administration, Keith is joined in his second career as a Scorer/Author by his wife Jennifer, formerly Archivist of the Tate Gallery and now scorer to Surrey’s 2nd XI, who does much of the detailed research for his books.
This is the fifth, following Atherton’s Progress: From Kensington Oval to Kennington Oval; Knowing the Score: The Past Present and Future of Cricket Scoring; His Own Enemy: The Rise and Fall of Edward Pooley and The Father of Modern Sport: The Life and Times of Charles W Alcock.
The most recent of these was short-listed for the Cricket Society’s Book of the Year Award for 2002.